Inventory updated 3-23-2017   6:27 AM
What we do


MotoJava buys, refurbishes and sells used motorcycles (we're a licensed used motorcycle dealer).

All of our motorcycles receive a tune up, are brought up to date on manufacturer-recommended service, a 35-point inspection and safety
check (at no extra charge), prior to being offered for sale. The photo above shows what they typically look like at about the half-way point when we're refurbishing them. It's not unusual for shops to charge extra (in addition to the quoted price) for this service.
IWe also do service and repairs. Since there are just two of us
spinning wrenches (Lucy and Moto Mike), we tend to be booked about
a week or two ahead for service.

Call us to make an appointment (415) 255-9527 or email us at